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Reiki Gluathione


SKU:Reiki Gluathione Weight:10 Vials Per Kit 1200 MG

Beauty is an investment. Vanity pays high price for it but Quality should not be sacrifice by low cost.


Beauty is an investment. Vanity pays high price for it but Quality should not be sacrifice by low cost. Know your priority. If you are paying for nothing then why will you spend for nothing? Make value for your money. Make a wise investments. REIKI IV/IM Glutathione is a protein that is produced in the liver from the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is a powerful antioxidants that inhibits the formation of, and protects cells against cellular damage from free radicals. It contains Lyophilized Powder of Reduced Glutathione that is processed under nano Technology.

Reiki IV Glutathione is 100% Pure and Natural.

Reiki glutathione is a product of a carefully selected cultured rich yeast, fermented through Japan’s state of the art technology to preserved purity and enhance its effectivity.

Reiki Glutathione is More Potent and Effective.

Reiki glutathioneis a Reduced L-glutathione that is proven more effective than other types of glutathione. For glutathione which must be stored for prolonged periods, it is necessary to slow or inhibit oxidization because by nature, glutathione easily loss its effect. To prevent this from happening, Reiki glutathione is manufactured in the most advanced science-based processes to ensure its availability in the most therapeutic form that results to stability of its potency.

Reiki glutathione can reached the targeted cell (5-8 times faster) in the most effective form using nanoparticles. Reiki Glutathionee is 100% lyophilized.

To make it more suitable for injection and to prevent bacteria from forming, glutathione should be lyophilized. Parameters for lyophilization of oxygen sensitive molecules containing glutathione are dependent upon the buffers and excipients employed. Some excipients helps in the lyophilization process but removed glutathione’s efficacy.

To purify preparations, Reiki glutathione uses excipients that is more sensitive to freeze-drying temperature but less (or totally not) sensitive to glutathione. This is successfully done with an innovative Lyophilizer Machine and perfect choice of excipients. Reiki Glutathione uses Nanotechnology.

Reiki glutathione protects cells in several ways. It neutralizes oxygen molecules before they can harm cells. As nanotechnology processed, provides benchmark in glutathione delivery to specific cells using nanoparticles. Such nanotechnologically, enhanced glutathione will enable a weight reduction accompanied by an increase in stability and improved functionality. On the application of nanotechnology to glutathione highlights intracellular delivery in the most therapeutic form. Overall drug consumption can be lowered significantly by depositing the active agent in the morbid region only and in no higher dose than needed. This highly selective approach reduces costs and increase efficiency. They could hold small drug molecule transporting them to the desired location thus reduces glutathione consumption and treatment expenses resulting in an overall societal benefit by reducing costs in health system.


Oral Drugs and injections, for the therapy of drug intoxication, metal intoxication, liver function disorders in chronic liver diseases, corneal injury, leucopeniaby radiotherapy. Therapy of early senile cataract, corneal ulcer, corneal erosion, and keratitis. Regulators of other anti-oxidants like Vit C & E, Detoxifier of heavy chemicals

* For Lungs
Enhancing the Immune System, For the prevention and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and respiratory-related diseases.
For Depression: Helps increased sensitivity to dopamine and serotonin receptors that helps relieve depression.

*For Skin Maintenance of constituents of the skin, enhance skin regeneration, promote UV protection, suppression of inflammation, enhanced regeneration of skin tissue, promotes collagen production, delays skin aging, enhanced healing of wounds.

Dosage: For complete dosage information for Emphysema, Cystic fibrosis, HIV, Idiopatic Pulmonary Fibrosis, Rhinitis, fatty liver, depression, Skin nourishment, etc. pls refer to insert

Reiki glutathione maybe administered IV/IM/Nebulized. It is best to be administered in the morning where GSH levels is lowest and Oxidative risk is highest. Nebulization Procedure
With a nebulizer, a solution of Reiki GSH is delivered to the upper respiratory tract and the lungs through a mask that covers the nose and mouth, or is delivered into the lungs via a mouthpiece.
IV administration Procedure
Insert IV canula to vein, and slowly administered Reiki glutathione solution. *Dosage and Administration of Glutathione vary for different brands. Other brands of glutathione is using glutathione sodium preparation that may have a different interaction to different diseases and organs like kidney.
Compatibility and Interactions:
Vitamin K3, Vitamin B12, Calcium Pantothenate, orotic acid, antihistamines, sulfanilamide and tetracycline can affect the bioavailability of glutathione.
In the absence of compatibility studies, glutathione should not be mixed with other products.
None known, except for use during some forms of chemotherapy and radiation where antioxidants are contraindicated die to their inhibition of the free radical formation which is an integral part of the therapeutic mechanism.
Adverse Reactions
No significant adverse reactions had been documented on the use of parenteral glutathione. However, a rare case of a patient10 with right bundle block branch exhibited symptoms of sinus tachycardia and chest tightness upon infusion of parenteral glutathione. As for patients with cardiac conditions, close monitoring should be advised.
After intramuscular administration, rare instances of skin rash have been reported which have disappeared after discontinuation of treatment.
No toxicity
Manufactured by Reiki International Ltd., Japan
Why IV glutathione instead of Oral/Sublingual glutathione?
– intravenous route (IV) is the best route to give glutathione
– intravenous route (IV) skips the First-pass effect of drug metabolism by the body. The consequence of the first-pass effect is that the fraction of the drug reaching the body’s systemic circulation is substantially reduced.
– In oral administration (through the mouth), all the drugs must first pass through the liver (and intestine) before reaching the body’s systemic circulation, this results in exposure of the drug to drug-metabolizing enzymes of the the liver and thus lowering its maximum dose and effect.
– The body’s intestinal wall (stomach and intestine) can also play a part as a site of first-pass effect metabolism and further lowering the effective dose of the drug. So giving glutathione and vitamin C via intravenous route bypasses the first pass effect and provides higher dose to the body for maximium effect and benefit! – remember that the whitening effect is only it’s desirable ‘side-effect’. – the real benefit is the glutathione’s strong antioxidant effect that is supported by Vitamin C.
No one can deny the benefits of glutathione for human’s health but not all glutathione is similar in the market. The nature and processes should always be considered. Delivery to the target range should not be forgotten because you cannot enjoy the benefits of glutathione if these issues is neglected.
Of all glutathione brands in the market, Reiki glutathione is considered the finest of them all. Why? Reiki glutathione doesn’t come from just yeast. It is a rare, rich quality of yeast, cultured and fermented to produce the best material to provide best therapeutic effects. Reiki glutathione is also processed in most advanced science-based technology so that the therapeutic effect should remain intact.
Reiki glutathione using nanoparticles is 1-100 nM, smaller than other brands, to provide best delivery to the cell. Glutathione therapeutic effects will be a waste if it did not reached the target cell. Through nano-processing it reduces cost and increase effieciency. Reiki glutathione small molecule can be transport to desired location thus reduces glutathione consumption and increases efficiency.
Most glutathione in the market (Not nano-processed) increased plasma Glutathione levels increase rapidly and drops exponentialy (double) because of this, efficacy is not a guarantee because it can fall even it can be absorbed by the target cell. Reiki glutathione is different, because it is using nanoparticles,… Reiki glutathione can be easily absorbed by the blood and reached the target cell in the shortest possible time. Delivering the therapeutic effects that you always desire.
REIKI GLUTATHIONE IV is also used to detoxify heavy metals and adverse effect of drug abused patients. It helps primarily reduced withdrawal symptoms unnecessary effect of drugs like acetaminophen, lead etc.
Reiki glutathione is also a therapy for parkinson’s disease patients to improve mobility, and Alzheimer’s disease.


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